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Virtual Event Platforms

EJSE is one of the first to offer live-stream services in Canada. We are happy to recommend a platform that would work best for your event.

Fast & Efficient


High-end networking system complete with both Bell and Rogers hard-wired networks running at the same time with automatic switchover.

Ground Breaking

Live Studio Space

Full-scale stage event with multiple panel discussions and video rolls. Choose from one of our two fully equipped studios.

Our Process & Guides

Support service is always there for you!

EJSE Guide

A guide to your virtual event. Everything you need to know from content sharing to event branding to event flow. A list of FAQ included.

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No more buffering. We understand the importance of reliability. You will love the difference in performance.

Let's keep it simple! Step by step instructions on how to record a video for playback at a virtual event.

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What you need to know when you join in a presenter zoom. Using multiple devices for zoom meetings and what to do for best results.


The EJSE Team is here to answer any questions or solve technical issues you may encounter.


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